Business Classes

Business Classes

Fully Online!

20 us$/€ per class

Having language skills in these times is strategic for many companies.
At the Me Gusta Spanish School, we know this and we want to help you achieve a successful professional future.

The business program is completely customizable and specific to your needs.
We do mock job interviews in Spanish and we learn the technical vocabulary that is needed in each area.

Get a personal Spanish Coach!

Regular Program – 20 lessons, 3 sessions p/w

Learn to interact with potential clients in more than 20 Spanish-speaking countries around the world.
Surprise your employers with your new skills.

Intensive Programme – 30 lessons, 5 sessions p/w

In just 6 weeks you will notice the growth of your linguistic ability in the area where you work, with only 5 classes per week.

What’s Included:

We are the only school in Bolivia that has its own materials, specifically designed to make learning Spanish a fun and effective experience.

Our materials are continually revised and updated by professionals in the area of education and linguistics. Why? Because we are committed to your learning.

92 BOB / Night
Number of weeks you would like
Total BOB