Classes for Kids & Teenagers

Classes for Kids & Teenagers

Fully online!

15 us$/€ per lesson

The ability of children to learn a new language is amazing.
do not miss this opportunity and give them a tool for the future.
personalized classes according to the abilities and maturity of each student.

Regular Programme – 20 Lessons, 2 or 3 sessions /pw. 

Children learn quickly and we are always amazed at how easily they assimilate the language.
With only 2 or 3 classes per week of 50 minutes each, you will be able to notice the progress that is achieved compared to the classes of the regular school.

Intensive Programme – 30 Lessons, 5 sessions /pw.

The intensive program is strongly recommended for teens because they are immersed in a global culture that increasingly requires them to have skills in different languages.

One lesson per day gives them continuity and stability in the process of learning a new language.

What’s Included:

The school is one of the few that has its own material, developed after years of teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

The materials developed for children and adolescents present a modern and simple language to capture the attention of students.

92 BOB / Night
Number of weeks you would like
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