What is the best way to get to Sucre?

There are different alternatives to get to Sucre, daily flights from three companies depart from La Paz, Santa Cruz and Cochabamba; Boa, Amaszonas and Ecojet. There are also buses from different companies and different prices ranging from 40 bs. Up to 180 bs.

We recommend the option of the Leito cama suite bus that departs at night from the 3 capital cities.

Do the classes have a fixed start or end date?

There are two ways; The first one starts every first Monday of the month and lasts for 4 weeks, normally for beginner levels in Spanish.

The second way is much more flexible and can start any day of the week in the case of private classes and every Monday in the case of group classes.

Does the school offer discounts for long periods?

Yes, the school can grant special discounts to those students who take classes for more than three weeks and make payments for the agreed total, in addition, the school offers different types of discounts and special offers monthly.

I travel alone, but I would like to take classes in a group, is it possible?

There are many factors that make it possible to form groups, the most important of which is the level of knowledge of Spanish, for this reason it is much easier to form groups of students who have basic knowledge of the language.

Either way, we can advise you in the best way and help you make the best decision.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, but the company that provides this service has a charge of 2.5% of the total value.

Is it necessary to make an advance payment to book a course?

It is possible to make a previous reservation of the course by making an online transaction, which ensures the start on the agreed date.

I travel with my partner but we are of different levels, is it possible to share the class?

The school recommends that in order to share a class the level of the participants must be quite similar for the success of the class, but finally it is the students who decide to share the class.

I travel with my family, does the school offer options for all members?

Yes, the school offers programs differentiated by age, from 6 years with specialized and experienced teachers.

Is living with a local family recommended?

Absolutely, living with a local family will not only help you improve your Spanish, but it will also give you a first-hand cultural experience.

Can I change class or teacher if I don't feel comfortable?

Of course, we know that chemistry between people is important and for this reason it is always possible to go to the administrative offices to resolve any problem in class. In addition, the school has a policy of changing teachers every week, in order to practice the comprehensive and oral part of the student.