Learning Spanish is easier when you have fun!

Our classes are designed to develop different abilities in the student from practical speaking as well an in-depth knowledge in the grammar of Spanish. It is necessary to evaluate the abilities of the student before the teaching process starts in order to best build a study and class plan that best fits the students needs and learning style.



Travelers: Students learn vocabulary and useful expressions that can be used quickly from the first day.

Practitioners: Students who want to deepen their knowledge in Spanish and require a deep understanding of the contents or a theoretical explanation.

Advanced: Students who have already studied grammar for years but want to solve specific questions or do a review of content, generally in these classes the content is much more in depth.



Classes are normally divided into two parts, The grammatical part and the practical part.

In the grammatical part the teachers go through important things such as verbs in different tenses to help get the groundwork inlace for the students. In the Practical part there are different activities such as: visiting places around Sucre, like museums and practice of real situations such as asking for directions from the locals.



The school has different types of games that teachers play with there students such as Board and card games as well as role playing games and presentations with other students in the school. At Megusta we want to make learning Spanish as fun and involving as possible.