Online Lessons

Online Lessons

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45.00 BOB/hr

Learning Spanish online is a flexible, fun and smart way to take advantage of your free time. Start speaking Spanish from your first class. It doesn’t matter if you have an advanced level of Spanish or are a complete beginner.

Online Spanish lessons are fully personalized and suitable for your level. Having an online Spanish class will allow you to improve your comprehension and conversation skills in different areas. Increase your vocabulary in each class and build your own phrases in Spanish. Clarify your doubts and correct your mistakes.

How does the online Spanish class work?

  • You request a level evaluation class and test. (Free)
  • Schedule your class schedule and days per week.
  • You make the payment for the total of the classes before the first class.
  • You receive the books in pdf or Word.

What our students have to say

How much do they cost?

  • 15 us $ / € = 1 Session of 50 minutes
  • Package of 10 sessions of 50 minutes = 135 us $ / € (10% off)
  • Package of 20 sessions of 50 minutes = 210 us $ / € (30% off)

At the end of your classes we will carry out an evaluation and we will send you a certificate with the number of hours and the level obtained.

Cancellation policy for Online Lessons: Classes can be canceled only by WhatsApp, 24 hours before the scheduled date and time for the class.