Our Classes

Our Classes

Private Spanish Lessons

The Private classes are perfect for someone who wants to learn at their own pace, with no other distractions you have dedicated one and one time with your Teacher. Activities and games are used to help you develop your language

Semi Private Spanish Lessons

This type of class works with a previous test to determine the levels of those who participate in it. We try to have students of similar level, this type of class is ideal for people who want to share their class, but do not want a very large

Group Spanish Lessons

The group classes are suited for students with a very basic or no previous experience with spanish, more time is dedicated to practical rather than grammar. The class is designed for learning new vocabulary, expressions, learn useful expressions

One Day Spanish Lessons

If you are in a rush and just stopping by in Sucre, we offer One day classes. This offer is also great for intermediate to advance level students who want to go over a specific subject or solve a problem. You are also welcome to join our

Special Classes

If you are planning on living and working in Bolivia or other Spanish speaking countries we offer classes taylored to your business and working profession. For example we offer classes for exchange students and investors in the Spanish

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We have classes specially designed for children from 6 years old. With an appropriate methodology with games, educative visits, museums, restaurants, etc. 

Thanks to technology, now the classes for the little ones can be from the comfort and safety of their home, private classes 100% online.


Skype Spanish Lessons

Learning Spanish online is a flexible, fun and smart way to take advantage of your free time. Start speaking Spanish from your first class. It doesn’t matter if you have an advanced level of Spanish or are a complete beginner.