Private classes

The Private classes are perfect for someone who wants to learn at their own pace, with no other distractions you have dedicated one and one time with your Teacher. Activities and games are used to help you develop your language skills as well as a focus on grammar. It is also part of the “Megusta” philosophy to foster an environment of cooperation and friendship among students.

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45.00 BOB/hr

Regular Programme – 20 hours/pw

With the regular programme you will learn grammar concepts in a practical, understandable way and to carry out activities and games that help you gain a good understanding of the Spanish.

Regular Programme – 20 hours/pw

The intensive programme is the Regular Programme + 10 extra hours of Private Lessons which will help you get more fluent faster!

At Megusta we give you all the tools you need to get started learning Spanish with us.

We also offer ready made flashcards to help you memorise your verbs faster.

10.00bs for 30 flash cards.

We are currently writing books for intermediate to advance level students which should be available over the next few Months.