About Us

About Us

MeGusta Spanish Team

Since 2005 we wanted to design an effective methodology for teaching Spanish making this a fun process but with great results. This is how the project “Me Gusta Escuela de Español” was born in 2011.

From our first experiences we realized how individualized the teaching of Spanish should be since each person is different and unique. That is why we are passionate about our work, it is a challenge every day, and every day we learn something new. We change, implement, improve and innovate every year. We have the best team. Each of the people we work with is identified with the “Megusta” project.

Welcome to our family, welcome to our school!
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Contact us directly by whatsapp; +591 73425725  or by email; info@megustaspanishschool.com

    • +591-734-25725, +591-734-00447
    • Me Gusta Spanish, Junin 333, Sucre, Bolivia