Face-To Face Classes

Face-To-Face Classes

Learning Spanish is more effective with total immersion in a Spanish-speaking country.

Private (one-to-one)

Each person has a unique way of learning. This type of class is perfect for those students who want to push themselves more or take more time to understand, practice or clarify doubts with the teacher.


If you don't like big groups but would like to save a little money?
Studying with a classmate could be a good option for you.


Meet new friends, talk & practice with other students. The group class is focused on activities and games to make learning Spanish fun. It's important to determine the level of Spanish before starting this class.

Children & Teenagers

Children and young people have a great facility for learning languages, which is why many parents have decided to complement the regular Spanish classes at the school with private classes with our school.

Specialized Classes

These types of classes are planned according to the student's work needs. Spanish and medicine, Spanish and law, Spanish and religion or Spa-nish and education are some of the offers we have for professionals.
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