Forget The Grammar

Way Of Learning Language

Forget the grammar

It’s true. If you want to become fluent in Spanish you will have to stop worrying about all the rules and just feel the language. This is one of the last steps and the most effective. Many students feel that Spanish is too complicated and that they will never learn, but they do not focus on the most useful expressions in each lesson.

The “Me Gusta” method, orders the grammatical content from the most basic to the most complex, combining each level with activities, readings, comprehensive questions, games, songs, and situations in which you can practice what you learn.

Our materials are prepared following these guidelines, each book contains a grammatical and a practical part, the latter is divided into activities of reflection, interaction, expression, understanding, and mechanization.

Remember, this method is called “I like” because we are convinced that you should enjoy learning. Do not get frustrated! All progress is one step at a time and there is always something new to learn.